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intro post


1- What's your name? I'm Giecel (

tomagato or anime_chiq)

2- How old are you?  16 years old

3- Where are you from? I'm from Las Pinas City, Metro Manila, Philippines =)

4- How did you become a fan of Endo Yuya? I first saw Yuuyan as Ryoma Echizen in the 2nd Cast of the Tenimyu..and well, I didn't like-like him at first, but after I saw his eyes..that was the start of my fangirling (haha! =P)

5- What is your favorite thing about Endo? As I mentioned above, it's his eyes..and probably his quirkiness too (especially in the first episode of DD-Boys where he wrote his name on the toilet paper to show it is his) =P

hajimemashite, minna!! =) i hope we can all be friends and family <3


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