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Intro post + fanlisting

Hi all~! I'm fairly new to the community, I didn't know a fan comm for Yuuyan existed (*o*);;;;;;;; Wow. Fail on my part. XD

1- What's your name? (or penname)
I go by "Wapiko" online but it's okay to call me "Amanda" too ^^

2- How old are you?
Going to be 21 in a few months.

3- Where are you from?
Midwest USA~

4- How did you become a fan of Endo Yuya?
I watched the Minimoni. de Bremen no Ongakutai drama as it aired back in 2004 and was so curious to find out who the boy playing Kenji was. Obviously it was Yuuyan, and it was love ever since. xD I didn't know anything about D-BOYS then, but I wasn't really paying attention to actors at that time either.

5- What is your favorite thing about Endo?
His hair, as superficial as that is. At least, when it's not that creepy helmut-hair he had for Isshun. D:

I hope it's all right that I'm posting this here, but I run the fanlisting for Yuuyan and just gave it a makeover, and I would love to see more fans get listed!! Of course, you might already be on the list, and in that case, check to see your info's up to date =3 If you're linking to me, please check that the link you're linking to works!

I'm also looking for affiliates, so if you run a TFL/TAFL-approved fanlisting related to him, I'd looove to affiliate (^o^) So just comment here or email me!

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