Asherty (asherty) wrote in sunikore,

introduction post

Hi! I'm an Endo fan and I'm a little bit sad there aren't lately many infos and posts abut him ç_ç

1- What's your name? (or penname) - Asherty
2- How old are you? - sadly not so young anymore...
3- Where are you from? - I'm from Italy, but I lived for several years in Germany, too
4- How did you become a fan of Endo Yuya? - I saw him in double Ryoma role with Yanagi, crying at the end of the stage and hugging so desperately his friend - I couldn't stop knowing more and more about him *_*
5- What is your favorite thing about Endo? - I adore his eyes and facial expressions, his brilliant acting skills and his being a little bit an outsider but still caring about all D-boys, and there are tons of other reasons, but I won't bother you ^_^

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Since today is his birthday, I wish him all the best and also to have many good job opportunities this year, hopefully some leading roles in dramas and stages, he deserves it.
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