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Introduction Post

Hello, I'm a fan of Endo Yuya. I think I want to meet him, but it's not possible .... ( !_ ! ')


1- What's your name? (or penname) - Hendun
2- How old are you? -
Today is my birthday is the 18th
3- Where are you from? - I come from Indonesia, exactly from Purworejo, Central Java
4- How did you become a fan of Endo Yuya? - I saw at The Prince of Tennis and the D-BOYS
5- What is your favorite thing about Endo? - I love Endo Yuya. From him I liked his style, acting, and that is not less important is the smile from his face
6- Last message? (I added this myself) : ) - I hope he comes to Indonesia,
especially in Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia. (' +_*)

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ( ^_^ )

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