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The Endo Yuya fan community
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Hajimemashite!Welcome to the Endo Yuya fan community! =^__^= This is basically a place to gather for all of the fans of the wonderful japanese actor! ^^

Endo Yuya is a young japanese actor who had his start early on in dorama and a few movies. Mostly he had minor roles. But he's best-known for his role as Ryoma in the Prince of Tennis musicals, replacing the original actor, Yanagi Kotaroh, after his accident.

The communty name, sunikore, is taken from Yuya's rather interesting fascination with sneakers. In his journal, he often talks about his sneaker collection, abbreviating it to "スニコレ", which translates to "sunikore" when said aloud. (Thanks to karupin for helping us on that one!) ^^

Some interesting information about Yuya: (Taken from his official website listed above)
Name: 遠藤 雄弥(えんどう ゆうや)(Endo Yuya)
Birthday: 1987.3.20
Blood type: B
Size: Height-167cm
Hobby: バスケットボール (basketball)

Community rules: (trying to keep them simple)
- Please post an introduction post telling us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be a fan of Yuya! This is just so that we all feel a little closer and like a family. ^^ Here it's the info we would like to know about you in your introduction post:
1- What's your name? (or penname)
2- How old are you?
3- Where are you from?
4- How did you become a fan of Endo Yuya?
5- What is your favorite thing about Endo?

- When posting fanart/fanfiction/scans/photos, please use an lj-cut and any warning if there is explicit content.

- Please respect the opinions of others, even if you don't agree. There is no bashing allowed on this community, and if you have a problem with a user, please take it up privately and NOT on the community.

- Please try to stay on topic. A little bit of discussion about related actors/etc is alright, but the main focus of this community is Endo. ^-^

- Please respect that this community's primary language is english and do not use sms. If you post in japanese, please provide a translation. ^-^

- If you have any questions, suggestions, gripes, compliments, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact the mods: hinoai, _miyuchan_.

-You MUST lock all posts involving media. For more detail see here.

-Please see the guidelines about posting on Endo's BBS here.